Applications with boring fonts

Due to corona virus, everybody is working from home these days. I am included. Well, actually I’ve been working from everywhere — not just home — since I can remember. This time I am spending more time in front of computers using all kinds of applications. And here is my problem.

I love beautiful fonts. I’ve got bored with fonts easily. In some applications, I can change the fonts. Most applications don’t allow you to change the fonts. Grrr… I hate it.

For some web-based applications, I use “stylish” addons / plugins to intercept the HTML and change the fonts on the fly. Thus, I can have my Google Mail (gmail) with different fonts. I love working with applications that I can control.

Some applications are stylish-friendly, but they change their structure after a while. I have to change my rules again to intercept the section / div / whatever in the HTML so the fonts can be changed. Some make changes that breaks my rules and makes it difficult for me to do my stuff. I dumped these applications.

Unfortunately, there are applications that I have to use and there is no way for me to change the fonts. I am in a bad mood!

To software developers, allow us to change the look and feel, please.

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