Many people say that multitasking is bad. I get it. But, I am a multitasking person. Sometimes, I even claim that I am a hyper-multitasking person. Those who know me know that this is true. I run many companies, run many non-profit initiatives and social activities, play in bands, play…

to you,
the mellow side of me
please don’t take center stage
’cause I (don’t) know
what you can do to me


to you,
the mellow side of me
please take good care of me

Since I was young, I knew that I am different. In a good way, that is. But that doesn’t help since I felt that it was lonely there. I was to young to understand any of this. Well, even if I were older I still would not understand it. …

You’re asking the wrong guy. My answer is definitely, yes. If you ask me why, then I am going to wing it. There are people out there who are better in answering that question. For me, it’s just a hobby. Since, it is a hobby, I am having a conflict…

Many people asked me to write reviews of coffee. The reason is that I received a lot of coffee and I take pictures of them. This is true. Here is video of what I have on my desk a couple weeks ago.

That’s just a couple of weeks ago…

This is just to tell you that I am alive and well. With this pandemic situation, that sentence means a lot. Here, at least in my neck of the wood, the situation is not that good. Thus, alive and well are two precious words.

I’ve been busy to update this…

I just have to laugh. Some people could not believe that there is another person that is better than him/her. There’s a saying in Indonesia, “di atas gunung masih ada gunung.” Up above a mountain, there is another — higher — mountain.

The story is this. Dewa Kipas, an unknown…

This topic could be discussed in a longer post. In fact, it could be a one semester course. Ha ha ha. But, seriously. I have presented this topic in many presentations and also this has been discussed in my class. …

When I was young, I never thought that comedians are smart people. Well, if they are smart, they would do rocket science, right? Or so I thought. This was going on for a while until I saw Robin Williams. But it has to go through some processes before I realized…

What’s your take on happy ending? As in movies, books, or stories in general. Are you for it or against? Or it doesn’t really matter. I’d like to know.

I am always leaning towards a happy ending. Whenever I know that the story is going to end in non-happy situation, I would stop and let myself make my own ending. It’s my head and I can do whatever I want, right?

I know that you may argue that sometimes we need a sad endings so that we can learn (from whatever mistakes the story tells us), but is it the only way? Can you make it a happy ending and still carry the same message?

Last night I watched a happy ending movie. Now, I am a happy camper. See. It’s a happy ending story.

budi rahardjo

Serial Technopreneur, amateur musician & futsal player, love books and coffee

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